Okinawa City, August 2016

Okinawa City, August 2016

 I study Modern Japanese History at Columbia University. My interest is in how Japan remembers its Imperial past, particularly memory of early 20th century wars. I research this as a student in Columbia's Department of History. For the Spring/Summer 2017, I am studying at Waseda University in Tokyo. In addition to traditional modes of historical research,  I conduct my exploration of the memory landscape through documentary photography. 

 My research and documentary work has been funded by various sources, including Columbia's Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the Edwin Robbins Fellowship.  I have interned at Esquire Magazine and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholar. 



Class of 1939 Summer Research Fellowship, Columbia University

Edwin Robbins Summer Research Fellowship, Columbia University


Mitsui USA Research Fellowship, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University 

Fellowship for Archival Research, European Institute, Columbia University

CONTACT: sec2165@columbia.edu